Check out images from "My Necklace, Myself" premiere at the Temeku Theater in Temecula, California, July 11 and 12, 2008.
Film Premiere
Photo Credit: Jessica Walden and Heidi Schneider
Premiere After Party
Photo Credit: Jessica Walden and Heidi Schneider
Premiere (Saturday July 12, 2008)
Photo Credit: Jessica Walden
Discover all of the excitement and fun the cast and crew is having on the set with these photo galleries.
Lacie's Home
Photo Credit: Heidi Schneider
The Ballroom
Photo Credit: Charles Shattuck
Red Carpet
Photo Credits: Charles Shattuck and Heidi Schneider
Rock Concert
Photo Credits: Jessica Walden and Heidi Schneider
1-20-08 Hundreds of images are currently being catalogued from on the set of "My Necklace, Myself." It will take us some time to get them all up, but please be patient. This portion of the site will be up and running soon to take you behind the action of "My Necklace, Myself."
Enjoy these galleries that will lead you into discovering other fascinating aspects of filming "My Necklace, Myself."
Original Photo Shoot
Click here to see the original photo shoot conducted for the artwork that will be produced for the film through BC Illustration & Desigm.
Stills Photo Credit: Andrew Foster; Designs by: Bryan Caron
Princess Portrait Photo Shoot
Photo Credit: Cathy Witschger
North County Times News Article
Photo Credit: John Raifsnider
Photo Credit: Heidi Schneider
Table Read
Photo Credit: Heidi Schneider
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