Julia Witschger

A lifelong resident of Fallbrook, Julia Witschger has loved singing and dancing from the very young age of four, but never thought of pursuing these talents on a serious level until just recently, finding success quickly. Along with taking choir classes in high school and faithfully attending her church choir, where she has occasionally stepped in to lead the congregation in song, Julia has appeared in several local musicals and is currently taking top-of-the-line singing lessons with SLS, a vocal method used by many famous vocalists, including Josh Groban.

Julia has also recently shown a growing interest in the performing arts and has found success as an actress as well as a singer. Along with joining the Fallbrook Film Factory and being cast as the lead in the film, “My Necklace, Myself,” Julia will appear in “The Importance of Being Ernest” at her high school this fall and will showcase her singing and dancing skills in the school’s Spring musical.

In her downtime, Julia finds refuge in design. She has spent countless hours (with Josh Groban spinning endlessly in the CD player) beading jewelry and sewing. Her achievements include rosary bracelets, which have been added to the shelves of Mission San Antonio de Pala’s gift shop, and the recreation of period costumes from the Medieval and Regency eras.

Whether it’s singing, acting, or beading jewelry, Julia stays busy crafting her arts, her mind and talent. And, having been approached to sing for a jazz band at an exclusive club in San Marcos, California, Julia has already begun to see the fruits of her hard work and dedication come to life.



High School Musical
The Importance of Being Ernest
The Jesse Tree
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
Snow White Junior

Ensemble Experience 

Mission San Antonio de Pala
Classical Academy High School                 


Gabriella; Classical Academy High
Miss Prism; Classical Academy High
Ruth; Sierra Madre Academy
Stepmother; C.A.S.T. Mission Theatre
Twin Girl 1; Sierra Madre Academy
Ermengarde; C.A.S.T. Mission Theatre


Children’s Choir; Director: John O’Donnell
Choir; Director: Jennifer McCormic

Christiana Minga

Christiana has been involved in some form of the arts since she was a small child. Her first foray into theater was as a mouse in The Nutcracker Ballet at the age of four. It was also at this tender age that her father, a seasoned stuntman, brought her on location of the television show Baywatch. It was there that Christiana became enthralled with acting and performance. She informed her parents that she wanted to be an actress and soon thereafter, began performing in local theater. She would go on to perform in more than a dozen plays, the highlight having been landing the lead role as Christmas Past in classic Christmas play, Scrooge. By the time Christiana was 12, she landed agents in both San Diego and Los Angeles and began booking parts through both agencies, while also taking acting classes and becoming a cheerleader, in which she lettered as a sophomore in high school.

Now a junior in high school, Christiana stays busy beyond mere acting. Along with being a member of her schools performance dance team, Christiana is also a member of the ASB, an assistant coach for the freshman cheerleading squad and president of the French Club. “My Necklace, Myself” is Christiana’s first time working under the direction of writer/director Bryan Caron and second time co-starring in a Fallbrook Film Factory production, the first being Josh, which is currently being submitted to film festivals.



Am I Fat?
Resurrection Mary
Parlez-vous Francaise?
(Do you Speak French?)
Transporter 2


The Last Ride


Ford Expedition Commercial
San Diego County Fair


Michelle K Girl Shoes (Skechers)


Sk8er Boi Airband
Guys and Dolls

Annie Jr.
Peter Pan
Annie Jr.
Joseph and the Amazing...
The Wizard of Oz

The Grinch


Kelly Clarkson/Vitamin Water
Campus Cheer Catalog
GMC Envoy Brochure
Fleetwood Enterprises
Omni Cheer Catalog
AAA National Ad
Sea Doo


Sasha - Lead; Jeff Espinosa
Kit Anderson - Co-Star; Ronald Shattuck
Homecoming Date; Sean Michael Beyer

Jacquelyn - Lead; Pat DiStefano - Indy
Daughter on Beach; Seaside Films
Cassie - Lead; Sam Winkler


Daughter at Car Show; GTO Productions


Principle - Daughter; Dark Spark Production
Principle - Teenager; Loma Media


Nickelodean Commercial; 48 Windows


Lead - Christmas Past; Mission Theater
Lead - Avril Lavigne; Mission Theater
Hot Box Dancer/Opening Doll;
Mission Theater
July; Mission Theater
Jane; Mission Theater
Duffy; Mission Theater
Poor Paul's Sister; Mission Theater
Ishmaelite/Palace Guard; Avo Theater
Lullaby League, Poppy,
Butterfly; Mission Theater
Whoville Child; Avo Theater


Principle/Young Fan; Smash Box Studios
Principle/Cheerleader; Micheal Balderus
Principle/Daughter; Team Halprin
Principle/Daughter; Ervin/Bell Advertising
Principle/Cheerleader; Kirsten Tellezar
Principle/Daughter; Montgomery Production
Package Model; Tom King

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Derek Majewski
  Derek has always loved being the center of attention, even if it was only in front of his grandma's video camera! His performing experiences began when he was in christian preschool, and they have grown from there. One of his biggest performing influences is his mother, a successful animal educator and trainer who's productions have traveled across the United States. Among his proudest moments is being a two-time special guest on the hit late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Now, as a high school junior, he is Associated Student Body President, member of the top notch Fallbrook Highschool Madrigals, Rugby Club President, AP Student, and avid equestrian. When the idea of being in a movie was presented to him, he was interested, but unsure of how he could fit into this new realm of personalities. Little did he know that he would become the last piece of the puzzle for this production. He is thrilled to be taking part in the movie My Necklace, Myself as Jeremy. This opportunity has presented him with many new experiences, and he knows that it will be something that he remembers forever.


A Learning Journey


Jimmy Kimmel Live


Bye Bye Birdie

Music Man

Ensemble Experience

Palomar Youth Chorale
Potter Junior High Men's Choir
Fallbrook High School Madrigals



Student; Coyote Creek Productions


Recurring Special Guest (2003-2004)


Workhorse Boy; C.A.S.T. Productions
Harvey Johnson/Birdie Understudy;
Schroeder Productions
Barbershop Quartet; Fallbrook High School

Ensemble Experience


Deanna Lynn
"Lacie's Mother"

Deanna Lynn Walsh was born in San Diego, California and attended high school at Mt. Carmel. It was there that she first took Speech and Drama, and found that she was blessed with a natural ability to act and speak in front of people. After high school, however, she pursued her first love of working with Thoroughbred racehorses until the responsibility of raising a family influenced her to rethink her career path. As a result of this, she rediscovered her love for acting, which she now actively pursues.

–Biography by Wendy Lyn Cook


J.G. Franklin is a character actor. He has been working since October of 2006 as such and, fortunately, has enjoyed a high level of success, having completed 20 roles in 18 months. In addition to getting his acting career off the ground, he hopes to get his musical career "jump-started" as well. To this end, he is currently working, under the nickname "Gunner", with his friend, and former band mate, Jon Jump, a fantastic guitarist and songwriter in his own right, to promote GUNNER JUMP. They have released their debut EP "TAKING CHANCES," available on and

  Film         Film    
            Stu's Breakfast
- Lead
  Sherger Prod.
  Roses are Greek - Sup.   Katie Flynn     Team Echo - Feat.   Superfreako
  Streamline - Sup.   Robert F. Stern/
Stray Bullet Films
    Team Echo
- Radio (V.O.)
  Arcadia - Sup.   Katie Flynn     Premeditated - Sup.   425 Productions
  Third - Lead   Sinai Salmeron     D.N.A. - Lead   BVB Productions
  Reminiscence - Lead   Donald Yan & Christopher Gatdula     Temple City   ClayDice Prod.
  Simply Lost - Sup.   Matthew Krnich     Well Done - Feat.   Blue Gradient
  The Parrellel - Sup.   Jack Piandaryan/ Piandaryan Films     Good Advice - Feat.   KrazyKat Prod.
  The Prestige - U5   Christopher Nolan     Atrox - Lead   Stand Alone
  Trinity - Sup.   Bryan Caron/
Divine Trinity Films
    Public Business -
  Partial Eclipse of
Charity - Sup.
  Michael Bond     Sub-Life - Feat.   Tunnel Bros. Prod.
  Color Quest - Sup.   Ekaterina Villa/
Arora Films
    The Hit - Feat.   Rock Point Prod.
  Bad Santa/
Badder Santa - Feat.
  Terry Zwigoff     Platinum Illusions   Deeply Rooted
  Little Black Book -
  Nic Hurran     Maniac Attack -
Feat. Villian
  Smoke & Mirrors
- Sup.
  Vienna Tutera     Stink Meat -
Feat. Villian
  Television         Theater    
  Scene House:
Our American
Cousin - Lead
  Scott Gardener,
    Love, Sex and
the IRS
  Redwood Theater
  The World's
Astonishing News!
(JPN) - Prin.
  Duo Creative Communications     Annie   Snaqualmie Falls
Forest Theater
  Untold Stories of
the ER
  Magical Moments -
Day Player
  Time Warner          
  The Larry Show
- Lead
  Larry Tadlock          
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  "Gentleman"     Samantha
  "Heather Jackson "
  A native of San Diego, Norman was born to an Okinawan mother and American military father. Norman fell in love with movies at an early age and has been intrigued ever since. Going through life he held numerous professions and always felt something was missing. He made the bold decision to take acting seriously 3 years ago and to find out who he was and let his creativity flow. The acting bug bit and he hasn't looked back. Since then he has been in numerous national tv shows, independant films, commercials, and student films (one of which his son Norman Jr. was a featured character). Norman has offered his free time and worked with University of California San Diego Film Dept staff and film students and continues to happily do so to this day. He strives to bring an honesty into his characters and lives through them. So much that if a character needed an accent or didn't have one, Norman would create one, sometimes reminded by friends that he would speak through a created character days after a shoot. Character building is a strong point for Norman and he enjoys it immensely. Its an outlet that brings out the best in his artistic abilities. Norman is always looking for the next adventure and wherever that road may lead him to...     Bio Coming Soon






  Film         Film    
  Road In The Middle
of Nowhere - Lead
  J. Campa     Resurrection Mary   Sean Michael Beyer
  Dark Night, Black Kiss - Lead   J. Eggold/
Warthog Films
  Seize The Day - Lead   UCSD     Television    
  Vodka Dreams - Lead   B. He/J. Campa     Zoey 101 - Feat.   David Kendall
  Destination - Lead   UCSD          
  One Week For
Results - Lead
  Hot Date - Lead   UCSD          
  Norman Black Presents San Diego - Lead   UCSD          
  The Record - Lead   UCSD          
  4 Play/ 48 Hours
of Madness - Lead
  The Poet - Sup.   UCLA          
  Mirror - Sup.   UCSD          
  No More Trophies
For Anything - Sup.
  A. Carver          
  Trinity - Sup.   B. Caron/
Divine Trinity Films
  San Diego Gas
& Electric
  Ray Street Studios          
  All-Pro Bail Bonds   S. Gibb          
  Sleepytime Mattress   K. Braun          
  Hustler Super Bowl   San Diego Movie Production          
  Deja Vu Super Bowl   San Diego Movie Production          
  Hustler $2 Tuesdays   San Diego Movie Production          
  Deja Vu $2 Tuesdays   San Diego Movie Production          
  Dreamgirls $2 Tuesdays   San Diego Movie Production          

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  Hanna Vojak   "Reporter"            

Hanna Vojak has been a leader in many ways since as far back as the sixth grade, when she first took office as ASB president of her sixth grade class. Hanna would stay actively involved in activities throughout high school, organizing the Sadies dance in 2004, running, participating and MC’ing the Festival of Cultures in 2006, acting as acivities director for two years, and being a part of ASL sign language performance through 2006. Along with that, Hanna was also in the Fallbrook High Dance Performance, was a varsity cheerleader and was one of the speakers at her graduation. Now a freshman at California State University, Fullerton, Hanna is a member of Apha Delta Pi and aspires to one day become an elementary school teacher, as well as an ASB director.

  Tribute to Disney   Director - Alice in Wonderland; Featured as a lost boy in "Peter Pan," and a townsperson in Beauty and the Beast; Potter Junior High            
Bryan Caron
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Ronald Shattuck
Heidi Schneider
Producer/Director of Photography/Head Camera Operator
Production Manager
Leo Romero
Peter Hulst
Boom Operator/1st Camera Assistant
Camera Operator/Steadicam Operator
    Joanne Dashiell   Ena Baleno
    Hair Stylist   Makeup Artist
    Rich Minga   Bridgette Caron
    Stunt Coordinator/Production Assistant   Ballroom Waltz Choreographer
    Tyler Frizzell   Charles Shattuck
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Stage Lighting Designer
Production Assistant/On-set Stills Photography
Laura Stanger
Artwork Still Photographer
Artwork Hair and Makeup
    Kyle McNeill   Diego Arias
    Music Composer/Production Assistant   Camera Operator/Production Assistant/Sound Assistant
How To Be
What I Wanna Be

Lyrics: Bryan Caron
Music: Kyle McNiell
Vocals: Julia Witschger

Lyrics: Bryan Caron and Jack Kovic
Music: Jack Kovic
Vocals: Katie Sell
    Rock Band  
    Thomas Jamell: Keyboard   Beau Dehoff: Lead Guitar
    Ken Montalvo: Base Guitar   Kento Sandoval: Roadie
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